She’s got Curves

Welcome to our new Curvy Collection.

Don’t you hate it when you try a piece of Jewellery and it looks like it would fit a 10 year old? 

Well our Head designer Kalli does!

Being a Curvy girl herself, and born a Xennial, curvy fashion was not readily available. So what did Kalli do to create her Fashion flare? She created jewellery to standout in the crowd and put her own Stamp on the usual bland outfits that were available for Curvaceous young women.

” My mission with Kalli James was to create designs for all women - young, old, petite, tall, skinny and curvy. The reality is just like clothing, jewellery is not one size fits all!

A 37cm choker would never fit around my neck, but that’s all that was available growing up. At Kalli James all our items come in a Variety of sizes and I’m really proud of that. And as we make all our jewellery in our Melbourne Studio, we can accommodate all women - no matter how tall or curvy she is”.

Check out our “She’s Got Curves” Collection and if you would like to know more reach out to us on 0416767556 by texting the word CURVES and we will call you back to arrange a consultation.