Kalli James Kids

At Kalli James we love designing for Kids.  Our Kids jewellery is handmade and we put a lot of thought into comfort and allergies.

Our Kids collection is designed of with beautiful stones and meanings and make a great gift for someone special.


Size Guide for bracelets - Kids and Teenagers

Get the gift right every time!

It's not always easy to find the right gift for a special occasion. This amazing selection will not only ensure that, but also our easy to use Size guid, will help you order the right size, even if your special someone is not around to be measured. 

Sizes are always approximate. To ensure accurate fit, measure the wrist with a soft tape measure at the bone and add ½ to ¾ inches to children’s bracelets. Consider how tight or loose fitting you want your bracelet to be.   And remember that the elastic does expand and can be rolled over the hand quite easily.

Each Kalli James Kids Piece is made from highly durable elastic for comfort and ease of use.  


Here is a list of of approximate sizes for kids and teen.


2-3 years                                5 inches

4-5 years                                5.5 inched

6-7 years                                6 inches

8-9 years                               6.25 inches

10-11 years                            6.5 inches

12-13 years                           6.75 inches

14+                                         7 inches


We do not recommend our beaded bracelets for under 2 years old. We also do not recommend children sleeping with their bracelets on. 

To ensure that your child is safe we have added a recommended age to every piece of Kids jewellery in our collection. Have a read of our description on each style to choose the right piece for the right age group.

We hope this will help you get those special gifts right every single time.    

All items are handmade and personalised to your requirements and design choice.