Bracelet Sizing Chart

At Kalli James Design we make our bracelets in a range of sizes from a Children’s Size to a Mens X Large 9 inch Wrist Size.

How to Measure Your Wrist Size for a Crystal or Stone Expandable Bracelet

As our bracelets are made with Industrial Strength Elastic, they are easily Expandable and can be rolled on your hand for the perfect fit.

Some prefer their jewellery fitted, some slightly loose and others like to stack their bracelets so they require them in different sizes. Whatever fit you like, we have the solution for you.

Using a paper or flexible measuring tape, wrap the tape around your wrist like the image provided below, just above the wrist bone and towards your elbow. You do not want to pull the measuring tape tight, instead measure it at a snug fit.

If you do not have a measuring tape, then you can use a piece of string, cut it down and place it beside a regular ruler.

Compare your measurement to the chart below and choose the corresponding bracelet size.


CODE                    INCHES                  CENTREMETRES 

Kids                         5.5 inch                          14.00 cm



XS                            6.0 inch                          15.31 cm 

S                               6.5 inch                          16.51 cm

M                              7.0 inch                          17.78 cm   

L                               7.5 inch                          19.05 cm

XL                             8.0 inch.                         20.32 cm                       



MXS                        7.0 inch                             17.78 cm

MS                           7.5 inch                             19.05 cm

MM                          8.0 inch                             20.32 cm

ML                           8.5 inch                             21.59 cm

MXL                         9.0 inch                             22.86 cm



If your bracelet size is between 2 sizes, we recommend you choose the larger one.

If you would like a slightly looser fit add 1/2 an inch to your size.

For a loose fit (ideal when pairing your bracelet with a big chunky watch or a wholesale 4 or 5 other bracelets) add 1 inch. 

We actually pride ourselves in having the largest range of sizes available to our customers. And if you have a larger wrist size than a 9 inch or would specifically like a special size, just choose our Custom Size Option under most bracelets for a small charge.

If an item you ordered does not fit, we are pleased to offer an exchange service with free shipping around Australia.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding size. Send us a message on Facebook or you can email us at